• 04 Jun

    Release Rimses 6.1: Asset Management Software continues to innovate

    Many companies have the knowledge and the tools to be able to perform good asset management (EAM). This has a direct beneficial effect on asset performance and lifecycle. Yet having the knowledge and the tools is not enough.  The software should be easy to work with and the staff involved challenged to use it. 

  • 17 Mar

    RealDolmen is also selected this year with Rimses6.1 with its innovation for the BEMAS Innovation Route at the annual Maintenance Fair.

  • 04 Feb

    Stainless steel producer Aperam operates in a highly competitive market, especially in Europe. That is why the company wants to optimize its costs and improve its efficiency by standardizing and harmonizing as many processes as possible in all its sites. Aperam relies on Rimses6 to manage the maintenance operations in the plant in Genk. Other Aperam sites in Europe will follow this example soon.

  • 03 Feb

    Thor-Maintenance is a young company that offers complete maintenance concepts for the production facilities of its industrial customers.
    It looks into the knowledge and experience of the founders and is therefore a solid partner for industrial maintenance projects.
    Thor has a clear vision of the future and wants to provide the best possible services to its customers.
    It has chosen Rimses6 as supporting software to perform those services as well as possible.

  • 02 Sep

    On 23 September RealDolmen organizes a Simplicity Day in Namur for our French speaking customers. This is their chance to collect in just one day a treasure of information on improving business performance with integrated ICT solutions.  Of course Rimses will be represented there. The program is both attractive and varied and gives the visitor possibilities to choose. There is a presentation on Open Source solutions.