• 05 Jun

    As usual, Realdolmen has delivered a new version of Rimses 6.6 over the past month. 

  • 18 Dec

    In the maintenance of installations and machines, Industry 4.0 opens doors, allowing data to speak and supporting maintenance engineers in making maintenance decisions.

  • 07 Jun

    Realdolmen releases Rimses 6.5. With this version we are responding to an increasing use of mobile applications, including in the maintenance world. With mobile checklists and measurements, the right information is immediately available for adjustment of the maintenance.


  • 10 Aug

    Realdolmen launches Rimses 6.4. In addition to extensive functionality, the Rimses team, together with its customers, continues to focus on its user-friendliness. This also shows in this release. This version of Rimses is not only available to customers but also offers good access to companies that want to support their maintenance processes in a simple and effective way.

  • 14 Mar

    Maintenance as a Service. Together we're capable of so much more.